Want a Custom Pocket Journal?

I’ve been using a combination of journaling styles from bulletjournal.com and Chris Hardwick’s The Nerdist Way; both exploit the flexibility of graph paper in really cool ways.

I have a medium size graph paper journal l carry in my briefcase, but I wanted something I could be sure I’d always have close at hand – a little pocket notebook. Now that I have such a thing, I can confidently say you won’t realize how handy something like this will turn out being to you until you’ve carried one for a bit.

You can buy a very nice graph paper Moleskine that’s roughly wallet-size but they’re not customizable, and they’re slightly bigger than I want. At the very least, I’d include some plain pages for drawings and such.

boundforanything.com offers a nice pocket size journal with a lot of customizability, but maybe not quite as much and maybe not quite as cheaply as I would like. I can make lower quality cheaper journals with more customizability pretty easily. I’d like practice building these, so if you’re interested in a 48 page pocket journal, let me know. I can customize it to your heart’s content (and I prefer a bit of a challenge).

One customization I really like is including flaps on the cover so that I can use a “magic wallet” as a pocket-friendly hard jacket for the journal; when I’ve filled up one little notebook, I’ll just pop it out, pop in the next one, and the full one doesn’t have a bulky cover to clutter wherever I stow it away.

So, get in touch if you’d like a little notebook made to order. I have a lot of ideas for these things I’d love to bore you with.

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