My newest CC VirtualMixtape

I had this brewing while, so when I saw that a friend who used to make me the freaking best mixtapes ever had a birthday coming up, I decided now was the time. Putting this together was remarkably easy – notwithstanding preparations for a big hearing – since I had basically picked out what songs I wanted to put on it a long time ago, but I still think I managed to make something that really felt like it was up my friend’s alley.

So, despite what the notes say, this is a little bit of a personal mixtape. Anyway, enjoy!

Listen online:

Side A:
Side B:

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One might call it Bachelor Chow (Futurama) or a Bowl of Sadness (Patton Oswalt), but I think this is delicious: mix sriracha, tahini, vegenaise, sesame oil, and spread on a pita.  I think it’s pretty darn good, if a bit sad.

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Python Script in a QR Code

This is, supposedly, the entire text of Jessica T.’s useful Python script LinuxOutlawsGetter (which you can use to download the Linux Outlaws podcast early by recording the stream from the live show rather than waiting for the podcast release) in a QR code (with my updates to the URLs).  I can’t successfully scan it, so I’m curious if it is in fact what I put in there, or if the generator just garbled it.  I was curious to see if I could get it to work with sl4a, so this seemed like a fun way to get it on my phone.  Guess I’ll have to use one of a hundred other methods of getting small files onto phones.

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Workout videos

I like to excercise at home, away from the creepy culture of gyms. I’ll go for a run if I can do it early enough that I don’t wind up being one of the inconsiderate louts that take sidewalks hostage from people with shit to do by threat of trampling.

So, fitness videos are my friend. Except that so many of them are awful.
Here’s a few things every fitness video but a handful are f***ing up:

1: the outwardly chipper but inwardly dead instructor.
I’m already doing the workout; if I enjoy it, I’ll do it again, and probably look up the instructor’s other videos. If not, no amount of hollowly encouraging prattle will make up for that.  Telling me what a great job I’m doing every few seconds doesn’t work, because I’m over 4, and I realize that a prerecorded video has no insight into my performance.

2: The needlessly complicated combination.
The perfect complement to the condescension of #1 is the rapid succession of moves in combinations so intricate, a degree in choreography is the only possible buffer against the sense that you’re an uncoordinated hominid throwback lacking in the basic intelligence necessary to be healthy. 

3: the lies.
If you tell me how many more to do, or how much longer to do it, then I’ll know; what I will not do is throw a tantrum because I think it’s too many or too long.  When you lie to me and say “four more” then throw out “eight more” you tell me that’s what you think of me: that I am a petulant child prone to arbitrary tantrums.

Broadly, my complaint about fitness videos is that they seem to show contempt for their audience.

I shouldn’t conclude this post, however, without mentioning at least a couple fitness video instructors who I think are doing it right. Cameron Shayne’s Budokon videos combine yoga and martial arts in a simple, straightforward manner.  I usually do budokon with another workout, since it’s a little light.
Ilaria Montagnani’s Atletica workout is challenging, but never as a result of having to keep up with complicated combinations; you repeat simple moves that engage your whole body, while swinging dumbbells in your fists. It feels great.
I also like a lot of Rodney Yee’s yoga videos, particularly Yoga Burn & Ultimate Power Yoga.

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Last summer’s virtual mixtape.

Want my first Virtual Mixtape? It’s here:

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This is how it goes

I love a good reuben, and I like the veggie kind even more. I tried experimenting with some of the makings of a tempeh reuben this morning (planning on taking the samminch to the wikinic before I remembered that the ‘nic is a potluck). I figured I wouldn’t have to wait as long for it to marinate if I used my favorite toy, the pressure cooker.

I love my pressure cooker. Stuff comes out of it tastier than if you’d cooked it the regular way, much quicker, and with less heat.

I consulted the Everything Vegetarian Pressure Cooker Cookbook to get a vague sense of how long to pressure cook the tempeh, since the actual recipe I was using didn’t come from there. This is a decent cookbook, and offers some counterevidence to my previous assertion that any vegetarian cookbook that includes Morningstar fake meat crumbles as an ingredient in any recipe belongs in the garbage.

In any event, noticing that all the recipes had the tempeh in the pressure cooker for 20 minutes, then to some other cooking method, and noticing that there appeared to be a lot of liquid left after 20 minutes, I decided to let my tempeh go an extra seven minutes, which turned out to be time enough to prove that the pressure cooker I saved from the dumpster was not a newer, safer model, but an older, explodier one.

After cleaning up the walls and floor as best I could – I opened the cooker, whose only malady appeared to be a blown gasket – and found the tempeh still a little undercooked. I put it in the toaster oven for a while, and prepared a thousand-island dressing by mixing a crushed tomato with some lemon juice, salt, and vegenaise (why spell it this way? Neither “vegan” nor “mayonnaise” suggest the second ‘e’.).

The dressing was good, and the tempeh was fine. This was an experiment, so I didn’t have everything I needed – without sauerkraut and rye it’s hard to tell if what you have is enough like a reuben, but I would say the tempeh failed to take on enough of the marinade, even for all its exploding off the stovetop.

And after all that, I realized I needed to fix something appropriately communal for the wiknic. So now I’ down a pressure cooker, and basically nothing to show for it.

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How do you pronounce the word “been”?

Pinto Beans

Benjamin Franklin

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