Go, Duck. Go!

Remeber when a lot of different search engines seemed to work about as well as one another, and it was hard to know which one worked best, and sometimes you had to try several different ones to find what you were looking for?  And then Dogpile came along, and that seemed really cool.  And then Google was so much better than everyone else that using Dogpile would only slow you down.  And then Google did everything and basically became the main site on the internet – especially for people who don’t like Facebook.

It’s nice to see a search engine with real promise now that Google’s gotten such a firm foothold.  I’m happy to plug what I hope will be a popular alternative that seems to work really well, and promises much greater privacy than Google.

I’ve used it a handful of times, starting just today.  It responds really quickly, and seems to give very relevant results, and useful information.  I know Google is famous for its uncluttered interface, but even that seems horribly bloated by comparison to DuckDuckGo.com.  Moreover, DDG filters out content mills of eHow’s ilk that produce low-quality material that nonetheless ranks highly in Google results.

Of course, talk is cheap.  Here’s a search bar so you can try it for yourself:

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