Setting up the tent on firmer ground

This is the first post I’m posting from my new site. I’ve been planning on moving my livejournal to wordpress for a while, but never got around to it. This’ll just be a boring old personal blog – no reason to pay much attention to this unless you just happen to like reading stuff by me. What kept me from moving sooner was the fact that I wanted to have my own server space and install WordPress myself – I might have been under the impression that you would need to do that in order to move a livejournal.

I gained a bit of familiarity with WordPress – which I really hadn’t used before – setting up the prototype of the editorial pages for my Illustrated Law Journal project. I was able to get server space generously donated for that project from You should shoot them a donation, by the way.

Actually, the first I used a WP backend was to post my notice about the ILJ on the Students for Free Culture blog. I didn’t take to it like a fish to water. While I’ve been doing a lot with the Joomla backend to my work’s website, these new-fangled CMSes confuse me. Long ago I built an angelfire site using FTP and once in a while Dreamweaver. I’m more comfortable with maintaining a website if I can see how all the pieces fit together, and I don’t know enough about PHP and Java to get how these newfangled things work.

In building parts of the ILJ site, I’m using Kompozer, which is fine, but seems to have its quirks which I guess fall somewhere short of bugs. I remember Dreamweaver had similar quirks, so this is familiar ground, but since it’s been over ten years now, I guess I should expect more.

In fact, I wound up looking at my long-since-deleted angelfire (and briefly site on’s wayback machine. In the time it’s taken me to build the rough clunky thing I hope to whip into a decent representation of the interface that will solve some of the world’s injustice, I accomplished all kinds of amazing things on my angelfire site. I also discovered that I was apparently smarter and more insightful back then, but also kind of a conceited loser.

What’s the point of this post? To introduce the move from LJ to WP.

I like WordPress. We’ll see if I ultimately decide that I liked LJ better. It is more social, but sometimes that’s a liability rather than an advantage. I guess it all depends on how big of a misanthrope I am.

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