Version 0.2 of my DC transit dream map

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I’ve retained only the very barest abstraction of geography; the faint tilted diamond of the original District, which I think is enough to put the transit in context for folks familiar with DC (at least until someone is actually trying to catch one).


-A Bladensburg Rd line connects the planned Rhode Island Ave and H / Benning lines.
-The Rhode Island Ave Line is extended into Queensbury Road, with connections to the Purple Line via the Riverdale MARC, and the PG Plaza Metro.
-A line in River East connects Anacostia and Benning Rd Metros: MLK to Good Hope to Alabama to Southern to Benning.
-A line cuts across the fort circle parks in River East, connecting the planned Minnesota Ave. line (between Anacostia and Minnesota Ave Metros) and my Alabama Ave line (above) via Pennsylvania Avenue, crossing the Sousa bridge and ending at the Eastern Market Metro, where it provides additional connections to other streetcar lines.
-A line crosses the Frederick Douglass bridge, connecting planned lines in Capitol Riverfront (which currently end near the Nats Ballpark) to the planned line in River East near the Saint Elizabeth’s campus.
-A line connects planned transit near the Pentagon via the 14th St Bridge to Maine Ave, where it connects to the planned line through the Waterfront Metro. A branch of this line jogs back to the West, then travels across the Mall on 17th St. past the Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, White House, north to Farragut Square, where the fact that it won’t actually travel on National Park Land but on city streets will allow connection here (not that I expect anyone to transfer from Metro to streetcar and back again to get between the two Farraguts).
-My first Purple Line extension includes a piece of the former Cabin John line, connecting the Chain Bridge to Glen Echo. After crossing the Chain Bridge, it follows Dolley Madison to Tyson’s Corner.
-All this transit in Arlington/Fairfax is meaningless without some serious rethinking directed at Arlington Blvd generally, and Seven Corners in particular. A walkable Seven Corners anchored by a streetcar hub may be a way to work toward that. I use Seven Corners to connect Arlington Boulevard to three other planned transit lines in Virginia.

Much more needs to happen before this is a final transit dream map
-Expansions to metro lines and addition of new exits and infill stations.
-Service to areas I have little familiarity with (Southern PG (National Harbor) and Fairfax counties, Alexandria)
-Complete Purple Line
-Infill stations, additional lines and connections for Commuter Trains.
-Water Taxi/Commuter boat routes and stations
-SmartBike (/ whatever Bike Sharing) stations and bike routes/ cycletracks placed to complement powered transit without needlessly repeating it.
-This map won’t leave Beta until it accounts for easing necessary automobile travel and parking in key corridors – beyond making fewer automobile trips necessary.

This map is already pretty busy. I may wind up making separate maps for some of these, although if I just take out the station names it might make it work.

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