I love this thing.

This is simultaneously cute, sweet, and terribly effective. I love it, because it’s got all the great elements of a romantic comedy crammed into a few seconds, and it makes a solid political point in a way that’s easy for people to identify with.

It reminds me of this article from GOOD, which I initially read pretty skeptically; the take-away is that the increasing popularity of the expression “I love [something other than a human lover] so much I’d gay-marry it” indicates a wider acceptance of gay marriage. My first thought was that a person would proverbially gay-marry a delicious apricot because s/he saw the two prospects as equally realistic – that the expression reduces homosexual love to the kind of flippant fancy felt for flavorful fruit for example. One of the comments, helped me at least understand the author’s perspective;

Maybe to Gay Marry something brings attention to how badly you actually want it?
you have to want something bad enough, to fight for it, rally in the streets, and even oppose constitutional amendments for it!

The way romantic comedies, fairy tales, and the like really get hold of an audience is by showing you the passion and sacrifice that love is worth. While true love is absolutely worth knocking on the majority of doors in your country to ask permission, nobody in their right mind would actually require that kind of sacrifice of someone. That’s what makes it romantic. But think how much more romantic a grand gesture is when it isn’t the minimum requirement. If you rallied in the streets for that apricot, fought a constitutional amendment for it, without ever having had to, by gum you really like you an apricot.

All this is by way of saying that I think this little video is just brilliant.

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