Do I love this thing‽ You bet.

Guess what everyone: did you know you don’t actually have to type a series of alternating question marks and exclamation points any longer to punctuate incredulity‽

Interrobang is the name of this little guy: ‽

Cut and paste ‘im, or, according to Wikipedia, “it is at Unicode code point U+203D. It can be used in HTML and XML documents with or . the Interrobang can be used in some word processors with the alt code ALT+8253”.

Is this great or what‽

How much do you love this li’l piece of punctuation‽

Is this the punctuation equivalent of “WTF”‽
(The article I link to above says as much)

What, aren’t you going to go and use this yourself several times now‽
(I beg anyone reading this to use interrobangs at least twice online this week.)

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