Save the DC Youth Court

URGENT: Action Needed to Save The DC Youth Court


Please help us restore DC funding for the Time Dollar Youth Court. 


you may know, the Youth Court was founded by UDC-DCSL Professor Edgar Cahn
and met for years at the School of Law.  It continues to be a
community service placement for a great many of our law students.  As
a result of 
our experiences, we can attest that the Youth Court has
has proven to be an an amazingly effective nonviolent first offender
diversion program for DC kids. 


Unfortunately, its funding is currently slated to be cut due to the
current financial downturn.  Many worthy programs are on the chopping
block, but this one deserves special consideration:  if money is the
issue, such a cut would be clearly “penny-wise and dollar foolish” given
the millions of dollars the Youth Court saves the District each year –
not to mention its benefits to the kids and towards crime reduction over the
long run.


please, read the following and contact your DC Councilmembers and Mayor Fenty at
the numbers provided below.   You can also utilize Youth
Court’s Facebook cause page at , Tweet them at
@saveyouthcourt, rate them on YouTube at and visit their website at


Thank you!




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