I’m trying to find a good digital recipe book. So far the only one that seems to meet all my criteria is, although I might like ReciPants better than allrecipes if I could get it to work (is anyone out there able to make an Ubuntu .deb for ReciPants?). [EDIT – So far nothing meets my criteria (ReciPants might if I could get it working), which I don’t think are outrageous. If I were a good coder and had some extra time on my hands, I would build it myself. It’s not that strenuous of a database project. What the heck???]

Here are my criteria:
-You can make, edit, and search your own recipes
-You can publish your recipes online [*EDIT — The free version of allrecipes does not let other people view your recipes online]
-People viewing the recipes can scale the amounts to make a different number of servings.[EDIT — recipes you put on allrecipes yourself cannot be scaled.]
-Easy to use for the above (allrecipes isn’t all that intuitive for some of these)

Here are things that are nice but not necessary:
-Prints directly to notecard-size
-Exports a bunch of handy recipe file formats
-Doesn’t have a lot of ugly crap cluttering up the screen (allrecipes fails here, which is why I blocked every image on that site except the ones for navigation).
-Linux client software

Here are things that the folks who make this stuff like to brag about, that don’t strike me as actually useful:
-Generates “shopping lists”
-Allows you to make your own “recipe box” of other people’s recipes from the site
-Ugly crap cluttering up the screen

So, I guess I recommend allrecipes, and will eventually have an online cookbook there, but I guess I’ll advise people to do as I do and block any image on the site (particularly the background – UGH!) that’s not necessary for navigation when they go and read my recipes (unless you’re fond of Lisa Frank folders and 13 year old girls’ myspace pages), which is kind of a lot of effort just to read some damn recipes, so, meh. [EDIT — I recommend somebody build a decent recipe database, and believe such a thing simply doesn’t exist.]

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