Is Facebook Heroin or Herpes?

The following is my comment to a friends-only entry which I liked well enough to share here:

Excellent – I’ll be a proud little monkey if I can inspire other people who are dissatisfied with FB to also desert it.

The simple fact that they make it so difficult to delete an account makes doing so seem all the more imperative; there’s an uncomfortable feeling of entraptment.

Then again, if one is mostly satisfied and sees little reason to leave, should the difficulty of doing so sway that person one way or the other?

Is facebook the heroin of the internet, or the herpes of the internet?

Heroin works as a metaphor in the sense that you can enjoy it at first and then become addicted and take for granted that it is your normal way of living. Herpes works in the sense that you can enjoy the act of acquiring it, but after that, no matter how unhappy you are with it, or whether youre able to keep its effect on you relatively minimal, you’ll always have it.

(Demetri Martin: “Glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts.”)

And this is the kind of hedonistic word orgy I’m so glad to be engaging in again, now that LJ is once again my principal entrée to the internet. That’s right, internet, rambling like a lunatic is important enough that I will re-orient my life around accomplishing it.

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