No more facebook

I think I’ll pull it off this time. I managed to let everyone know beforehand, and save all my photos and contact info first. I think this will simplify my life a bit, or at least make me a more comfortable resident in the rhetorical cyberspace I occupy. I just used the word “cyberspace” without any puns (if indeed a pun can be made with a neologism the extent of whose definition is not yet well defined) about being some Tron guy in a VR suit or something. Wait, I did make those puns, but as a metaphor in keeping with what I think is the primary use of the neologism.

I love the hedonistic verbosity livejournal facilitates. Word orgy!
(And this is why you will likely never see me update my Twitter.)

In any case, it feels good to once again call livejournal my primary conduit to communicate with the internet. I can stretch out and get comfortable here.

If you’re reading this blog for the first time, I’d love if you’d leave a quick note in the comments.

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