Happy Holiday Treat Day, everyone!

Today at work, as the kids played out back, I was sitting with a five year old who was making cupcakes by filling buckets with sand.
“We have to make a lot of treats for the holiday today.”
“Oh really?” I said “what holiday is it?”
“It’s Holiday Treat Day!”
Somehow word spread quickly about Holiday Treat Day, and kids started bringing over toys, saying things like “Once I fill up this dump truck with sand, we’ll have a Holiday Truck Cake” and “I brought these holiday baseballs. They’re made of chocolate.” After a while, making the treats for Holiday Treat Day gave way to a gift exchange. Kids began filling buckets with toys and covering them with frisbees. Then they offered them to each other and to me as Holiday Treat Day Presents. I must have unwrapped at least twenty Holiday Treat Day gifts before it was time to go inside.
My point is, from now on, I will always think of September 16th as Holiday Treat Day, and I hope next year some of you will find ways to observe it with me or with others you care about.

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